Brendan T McNally

Columbus, OH based visual artist. 

Working out of 400 W. Rich St. Studios (contact for inquiries, quotes, commissions, or to schedule a studio visit)

Focusing on contemporary portraiture, Brendan blends realism with abstract visual elements to capture the emotional essence of his subject and explore the complexity of human nature. After studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Brendan spent six years traveling to 15 different countries in the United States Air Force. That exposure to different cultures and diverse peoples helped inform and enrich his interest in human portraiture. Upon completing his contract with the military, Brendan spent five years working in New York City as a professional gallery and commission artist. While living there, Brendan completed his Master’s Degree at Columbia University. Currently, Brendan is working in a studio in the emerging arts district of Franklinton in Columbus and teaching courses at The Ohio State University.

Brendan T McNally's work has been shown in New York, NY and Chicago, IL.